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Living in a digital age, we are faced with new challenges, in the age of information we are bombarded with choices, conflicting but appealing choices with not enough time and energy to evaluate, explore and look into all those.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) we map out personality profiles, links between personalities and likes, dislikes & traits. Using any shared personal data, we predicts your personality and produce insights to guide & recommend things you might love, which can be integrated into products and services.


UtotoAI, Inc.

Whether it is Business to Customer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B), the need for accurate, real-time and complete information, is necessary for sustainable impacts and profits.

Problem Breakdown

Lack of access to data blinds us to trends and behaviors that develop and emerge over time.

  • Data gap: lack of knowledge of available data, where they reside and/or in what format
  • Data sharing: delays in sharing and managing dispersed data at different end points and organizations hinders streamlining of business processes and smart decision making
  • The Great Unknown: we don't know what it is that we don't know
  • Data Integration: lack of data standards and policies for data sharing and data architecture

Financial Benefits

Immediate and long-term financial benefits of data consolidation for data federation.

  • Revenue Enhancements: Provide insights to improve current and/or create new services and products
  • Cost Reduction: lower maintenance, management and application development costs through efficient resource allocation
  • Cost Avoidance: Increase productivity and reduce time to complete tasks through relevant, accurate and timely data sharing
  • Capital Reduction: Reduce cost of data storage and application hosting by eliminating servers
  • Capital Avoidance: Better utilization of existing IT assets resulting in complete avoidance of planned capital expenditures

Impacts of Big Data

Non- Financial Benefits of accurate and timely data sharing/storing

  • Increase customer and user satisfaction
  • Increase usability and improved business processes
  • Access to accurate information for analytical solutions
  • Better forecasting
  • Better control to improve data input accuracy
  • Deeper understanding of consumer behaviors

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    UtotoAI, Inc.

    At UtotoAI, we develop Artificial Intelligence solutions for various business sectors. Our primary focus — data consolidation, data federation, identifying customer preferences and suggestions using latest Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

    High-quality recommendations for customers is a proven tool to improve customer retention. From e-commerce and real-time services to news portals, a good recommendation systems for customers can significantly increase customer satisfaction. We specialize in general purpose entity based recommendation systems on (Long Short-Term Memory) LSTM and Deep learning.

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