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A love story, a happy ending with Clue

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We all love quotes that inspire us. Though, even looking at our fingerprints, we know each and everyone of us is unique. Thus one can argue, maybe, just maybe, each and every couple is also unique. However, just like inspiring quotes, there are enough love stories to which we can easily relate. That is because there are predictive similarities among couples. Mostly owing to the fact the world we live in has natural laws. Like gravity we have to obey these laws and to escape we need explosions, we need to burn.

One such quote is that of Rumi, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” The mystic world voiced by the poets is interested in knowing “why” something happens the way it happens. And in the scientific world scientists take interest in knowing a replicable way “how” something works the way it does. So let’s be scientific and ask how can one find all the barriers that Rumi is talking about?

If we train someone in the art of changing to any personality one demands, one happens to lose one’s own personality. And to understand life, one has to agree one has a personality that one lives by, even if it’s fake. Similarly some factors remain visible in all relationships, like couple fights. And today a lot of these fights happen over digital platforms, text messages, online and social media.

In one such instance of a near break up, with mere frustration, CEO of UtotoAI, Yusuf, fed the text chat to Clue, an AI model trained to predict personality and recommend suggestions. And the clarity Clue brought is the reason why he is married today.

With the help of Clue the couple were able to understand that they had differences in the ways they collected, processes and used information. One partner love to just do what needs to be done and stay comfortable with nothing new. While the other hate doing tedious work but is good at clarifying their needs to drive them forward.

As per Clue’s chat text analysis, one partner was living for now and enjoying facts, while the other was trying to find deeper meaning in things, focused on the future. One focuses on creating the future, while the other on maintaining a beautiful world and enjoying it. Once they both understood the reason why one was saying, “Can’t you understand this?” and the reason why the other was saying, “What are you doing and thinking?”, they became awesome partners.

This incident with Clue is what actually led Yusuf to pitch the idea of using the Clue as a general purpose tool for personality prediction with suggestions and build the Awesome Clue. And the UtotoAI team agreed the world is in need of this. Of course with full respect to Rumi’s quote, “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself.”

Can Awesome Clue help your relationship? Well, that depends on how much you’re willing to grow as a person. Since Clue’s suggestions are based on people’s behavior, it can be helpful for getting along with others. It definitely has given Yusuf self-knowledge to brush his flaws and lead him into a deeper understanding of loved ones. And what’s fascinating is the speed and accuracy at which this is done using Clue.

But don’t start worshiping Clue nor relegate people to boxes. Clue will not tell you everything, it can only help to see things more clearly, like a guiding light, like a calculator. In our social life when meeting others we try to figure out what will happen: “When we think, we need to know.” Here Clue can help you to feel more comfortable around people because you can get a better sense of how they’ll likely act. In other words, you sort of know what to expect, make better decisions and help to have more fun.

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  1. This is really an awesome clue. I was able to get my personality hints from the “Awesome Clue” which gave an approximate of 80%+ accuracy. Awesome…. I am now able to work better on myself and improve my personality beyond my expectation. Thank you Utotoai for such an innovative clue. Indeed this will help us serve people better and be focussed on whats important when it comes to coaching and healing.

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