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Author: Yusuf Shunan

A love story, a happy ending with Clue

We all love quotes that inspire us. Though, even looking at our fingerprints, we know each and everyone of us is unique. Thus one can argue, maybe, just maybe, each and every couple is also unique. However, just like inspiring quotes, there are enough love stories to which we can easily relate. That is because Read More

If an AI is to interact with us, it has to know and understand us

History In the human history we find lot of ways and methods in which we tried to explain our own behaviours. And all of those generalise and categorize personalities into boxes or types. From enneagram to horoscope will continue to exist as long as people use them on a daily basis. Thus so far, nobody Read More

“Shortcuts make long delays”, The Fellowship of the Ring

There are no shortcuts in life. No definitive formulas that work at all times to increase a market by 2x in 2 weeks nor a quick-and-fast way to create a high-performance marketing or sales team. Focusing on shortcuts is seeking a marketing magic, a viral certainty, or an exploit that transforms a market overnight. You Read More

2019 Federal Tax filing is out of the way

We are filing for the first time the US Federal Tax in 2020 and it feels like new territory. We missed the initial deadline without even knowing it, April 15th 2020, but with Convid-19 necessitating US state lockdowns and extreme financial strains, the IRS pushed back the filing deadline for federal tax returns to July Read More