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Face it as a single body and we will!

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The Golden Rule, treat others as you like to be treated, is to be reminded in this #coronavirus crisis. Clearly this is a global crisis, it’s concerns are regional, in every sector and every age. Helping is an innate human quality and the natural force clearly guiding us towards exercising it. The struggle of #covid19 must be faced as a single body, as one and a whole. This fact is very clear and I believe everyone agrees we have to depend on each other. The only way we can tackle this crisis is together.

We are in a very unique situation, for to be human is to be social, but with Covid19, to be humane is our social distancing. In addition to health, the global economic crisis, with lost jobs, finance and investments, all disrupting our known normal life. At UtotoAI, we have fully adopted to working from home.

Technology companies have an important role to play, they have the means in helping individuals and companies stay connected. In these challenging days, you can count on us, and as a commitment to helping you – we opened up our audio/video conferencing setup, free to the whole world without any exceptions.

We will get through this crisis getting separated to only grow closer, today and tomorrow. Collaboration and sharing is our medicine, social coherence is our doctor. Beyond the focus of any struggles or controls we can learn to be equal with mutual responsibilities and cooperation, we are on a path to not only survive coronavirus outbreak, but come out of it with demolished partitions that estrange us.

It’s time for us to grasp, true separateness is the space we put between our hearts.

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