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Artificial Intelligence as part of the Environment : A Cognitive System

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Artificial Intelligence has to be a part of the environment, currently it’s acting as an one part, the receiving/using data, it has to evolve to reach out the other part, giving/creating data. Today creating data is unclear to an algorithm because the transition from one to the other is always unclear. In propositional logic this is stated as the law of double negation.

The next stage is similar to unguided thinking, feeling and vision. In fact everything has to be unguided with completely new aspects or parameters. It’s not to be confused with more data than it has now, but qualitatively new data. In general, in natural environment every advancement is a completely new from the previous, being totally detached from that which is already known or predicted.

The order on how we decided to do this is first start with taking/using, let’s say one aspect, and evaluate it as useless for any purpose and eliminating all possible uses. Than start giving/creating, limited to that aspect, this time, evaluating it’s predictions and creating new data.

Repeat the process again, this time take two aspects. At first using data, but when it gradually reaches chaos and creating garbage, evaluate those as before for all possible uses. Now it has evaluated predictions and created a completely new data based on two aspects, different from previous run.

The greater the number of aspects, the greater the newly created data, predictions and its usefulness. Continuously predicting and creating new data, creating the world, not knowing any use of the data from one run to the next. Each run is a completely different, even though it has found known uses before.

How, then, can it start making the choices? How can it choose a direction and the next run?

This can be tackled with a simple action: Out of all the possible runs, it can choose the most complex run, the one that’s most difficult, the one that’s most useless.

It continuously choose the aspects that is maximally opposite to all known present uses. In this way, using and creating grow one from the other. This is the law of the double negation. This law is the foundation for animal and plant life, the growth of living cells, the path of our thoughts, etc. Nature develops by having opposites grow from one another.

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