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AI based personality prediction and influence

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The Awesome Clue is currently uses Twitter to predict a user’s personality. Using the tweets from my Twitter account, Awesome Clue demo provided me with a brief introduction of my personality.

Along with a brief introduction there was weekly suggestions to improve my personality, my attitude towards money and many other different aspects of the personality traits described briefly. The different aspects was collapsed and had to expand as needed and it was quite interesting and covered almost all major areas of life, including relationships, friends, work and others. This experience was a good self-discovery and almost all areas was there, at least those that are important. I got a good idea of my own personality, most unspoken before but once heard, so surprisingly accurate can’t deny them. But how can I use this or rather influence others or even myself using this?

While behavioral cues should be imperfect in identifying a person’s likes and dislikes, the movie recommendations given by the Awesome Clue was dead on the spot. Though sadly music, books and other recommendations were not available at that time. Those are developed but not yet launched, will write about those once they are live in an upcoming post.

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