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“Shortcuts make long delays”, The Fellowship of the Ring

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There are no shortcuts in life. No definitive formulas that work at all times to increase a market by 2x in 2 weeks nor a quick-and-fast way to create a high-performance marketing or sales team. Focusing on shortcuts is seeking a marketing magic, a viral certainty, or an exploit that transforms a market overnight.

You can waste hundreds of thousands and postponed years of required work as a result of chasing shortcuts. The cost of these diversions add up further with the hidden opportunity cost. Especially given the fact how fast today’s markets are growing and changing.

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote in Fellowship of the Ring: “Short cuts make long delays.”

Simple tricks may appear to work sometimes, but can it be repeated reliably by anyone, anytime? Yes, time and time again, the only thing that has been proven to us is, good fortune comes by doing certain things right. In other words, after all, there are no mistakes in life, only patterns to find out. Feel free to try to prove this wrong and if you have found an easy shortcut, please be kind enough to enlighten us!

Otherwise, we are left to the age old daunting and tested direction it takes to develop and scale a venture. Everyday we are faced with the pressure to balance the cashflow and to cover the accounts payable. Working as founders we do need your help and practical support. So feed us your wants and needs, please, so our product may align with those.

So what is this direction? We sit with our consumers, fine-tune the product demand appropriately, build trust and strong reputation, educate and empower the customers with high marketing contents, train committed and professional sales staff, deliver a smooth selling and buying process and last but not least provide a customer satisfaction-focused support team.

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