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Today, we can collect and analyze real-time data and can ship required software changes in minutes. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), history is now repeating itself, with teams experiencing productivity and collaboration challenges analogous to those of the pre-DevOps software development era.

History dictates that as AI starts contributing to faster GDP growth, social welfare is going to increase. It is estimated that with the use of AI and related technologies social welfare will improve by at least 1% per year between now and 2030. That would be similar to the social impact of previous waves of technology adoption, including the information and communications technology revolution.

Though AI is not an easy venture, especially by the fact 64.4% of companies deploying AI said that it has taken between seven to 18 months to get their AI workloads from idea into production, illustrating the slow, unpredictable nature of AI projects today.

UtotoAI’s first AI project, The Awesome Clue, was a demo build for the Ukulhas Tech fare 2019 in six months. The Awesome Clue predicts your personality based on text with 60-80% accuracy at the same time predicts persona traits and recommend things that personality might love. This idea has endless practical applications, Clue can help companies predict team dynamics, develop products, analyze data for unknown insights, and do much more. After setup, it only takes seconds to tell the Clue what you need done and minutes to get insights for free.

Yusuf Abdulla Shunan, CEO of UtotoAI, Inc. said, “At the outset of the development of Clue, it wasn’t even clear to us how the whole personality prediction and recommendations was going to work. And early on, the rate of utterly misidentified traits was disturbingly high. But one issue after another got addressed, and gradually it has become clear that finally we were at a point in history when it would be possible to create a useful personality prediction and recommendation functions.”

UtotoAI’s next project is Ukokko, a cute AI robot to use in early education, with AI-based speech analysis in real-time, for early education, including counting, alphabets, thaana and arabic by making instant predictions resulting in intelligent dialogues. In the lab Ukokko has reached 70-95% accuracy. Ukokko, when used as a tool in conjunction with parents, teachers, caretakers and even other kids, can significantly save time, reduce error rates and speed up the learning process of children.

So today we are offering the first batch of Ukokko at a discount price and you can save 6% off the cover price, including product lifetime free support with updates, fixes and new features. Pre-order is opened only for 2,000 units with free updates for life.

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