Address: H. Hulhuleyge, Meheligolhi, Male', Maldives

UtotoAI, Inc.


Supporting people and businesses to embrace their true nature and to transform into extraordinary experiences.

Our Mission:

To create highly-motivated, high achieving resilient people and businesses through AI based insights.

Our Vision:

Elevate people and businesses to their full potential.

Our Story:

UtotoAI, Inc. founding team members met as strangers in the R&D AI Accelerator 2019 (#R&DAIA2019), organized by Maldives Open Source Society on Jan 2019. A part of the desired outcome of the #R&DAIA2019 was to build and demonstrate an AI Project for the #AIMaldives2019 : The International Workshop on Applied Artificial Intelligence, #UkulhasTechFare2019.

After six months of research on data consolidation and AI analysis, trying to build “an office where you don’t have to enter any data”, our team build, “The Awesome Clue”, an AI Recommendation Engine, using text (tweets) it predict a user’s personality and recommend movies the user might love.

Since than the team have developed this Platform as an AI based guiding tools. Today “Clue” has been trained and tested to recommend travel destinations, self development & counseling insights, mental health tendencies, shopping/gift ideas, books and musics at around 60-80% accuracy.

On October 2019, UtotoAI, Inc. was incorporated in the US as a C-Corporation aimed to facilitate both B2C to B2B innovative data and AI solutions and provide data-driven digital experiences.

  • 2019 January – our team met in the R&D AI Accelerator 2019.
  • 2019 August – we launched the Awesome Clue as a limited demo where anyone can search for personalized suggestions of others and was demonstrated in the Ukulhas Tech Fair 2019.
  • 2019 October – we incorporated UtotoAI, Inc. in US as a C-Corporation.
  • 2019 November – we applied and were approved for the Google Cloud for Startups program with a total sponsor of $100,000 worth of Google Cloud platform services.
  • 2020 January – we launched our first B2C product, the Awesome Clue desktop, officially released as a private individual based personalized suggestions using twitter feeds.
  • 2020 September – we formed an official alliance with our first B2B client, SAFE NGO, to build an AI based learning platform.

Our Core Values:

We believe all the major problems of this world are a result of “miscommunication”.

Hold and develop the finest version of you

Understanding each other is the way to move forward. Large corporations like Netflix, Amazon and Google, to small aspiring startups, have a range of products and services of the future that wants to be smarter by understanding you.

Be exceptional

A unique feeling of deep fulfilment emerges when we have truly done something exceptional and in knowing that what we are doing is helping to shape a better world, a better you. We simply love to help.

Bake ethics & morality

Our culture is built on deep values based on ethics and morality. This means a commitment to proactively protecting people’s rights and values by respecting people’s privacy and protecting them from any known forms of abuse.

As a policy, we promote collaboration on aligned visions and live by philosophies of “Blue Ocean Strategy”.