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UtotoAI, Inc. founding team members met as strangers in the R&D AI Accelerator 2019 (#R&DAIA2019), organized by Maldives Open Source Society on Jan 2019. A part of the desired outcome of the #R&DAIA2019 was to build and demonstrate an AI Project for the #AIMaldives2019 : The International Workshop on Applied Artificial Intelligence, #UkulhasTechFare2019.

After six months of research on data consolidation and AI analysis, the team build, “The Awesome Clue”, an AI Recommendation Engine demo, which used text (tweets) to predict a user’s personality and show movies the user might love.

Since than the team have developed this Platform as an AI based guiding tool. Today “Clue” has been trained and tested to recommend travel destinations, self development, mental health tendencies, shopping/gift ideas, books and musics at around 60-80% accuracy.

In addition, on October 2019, UtotoAI, Inc. was incorporated in the US as a C-Corporation aimed to build both B2C to B2B innovative data and AI solutions and provide data-driven digital experiences.