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UtotoAI Incorporated as an US based C-corp

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We are happy to announce that we have incorporated UtotoAI, Inc, using Stripe Atlas, as US based C-corporation!

Stripe Atlas is a platform for forming US entities by removing obstacles that are typically associated with starting a company such as – legal paperwork, bank lines, obscure fees and regulatory barriers. You can use Stripe Atlas’s services basically from anywhere in the world!

Stripe Atlas provided an easy foundation for us and thousands of entrepreneurs from over 120 countries has used Atlas to launch their business in the US. The Atlas offering also includes a corporate bank account, and a support system which connects teams to other founders and industry-leading experts.

At UtotoAI, Inc, we focus on providing an Artificial Intelligence powered Personality Prediction and Personality based Recommendation Engines for anyone online around the world. This is why UtotoAI, Inc incorporation in the US can now help reach international clients and customers.

UtotoAI, Inc, CEO Yusuf Abdulla Shunan says, “This is a great start for our AI journey! Everything was handled right from the start till the end and in this modern world, having everything online is a blessing! With the incorporation of UtotoAI, Inc in the US, allow us to take a step forward and expand into international arena.”

Besides all the benefits, Stripe Atlas also handle our ongoing obligations to run our business such as – legal and tax experts to whom we can speak with, submit our Delaware filings and hire an accountant to prepare corporate taxes and also renew our company’s registered agent in Delaware automatically.

It was technically challenging to run our business targeting North American customers without a company in US. Because of this exact reason we decided to use Stripe Atlas for company setup. These guys were incredible in their support, and with the guide to running our startup, it has become even easier to operate it. The benefits definitely out-weight the headache of running a C-corp.

This is only the beginning, finding international customers is difficult. It is even more difficult when we are located in a different time zones and we don’t have an extensive online sales experience. At UtotoAI, Inc we think about how our customers can find us & trust us for a long terms relationship.

Relying on Google or Facebook ads is only feasible as a start beyond that what create loyal customers is trust. Social media marketing do complement well, but rarely play the most critical role in customer’s acquisition and retention.

Before the official launch of the Awesome Clue the next step is to implement a way to reach our customers at all times, 24/7. We all have been a customer and nothing is more frustrating than a company that is no where to be found when in need. Whether it is ignoring a glitch that has been reported, or lack of respond to a question in an email, this kind of negligence can turn even the Awesome Clue useless.

Hope incorporating UtotoAI, Inc in US is a positive step in finding out what our customers want, when they want it and how much they can afford. In addition to ideas and suggestions for going beyond the Awesome Clue is always welcome.

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