Address: H. Hulhuleyge, Meheligolhi, Male', Maldives

What We Do


The Wicked Problems

In the age of Information, we are constantly bombarded with conflicting but appealing choices with not enough time and energy to evaluate and explore all of them.

  • Choice Paralysis: too many travel options to choose from and time wasted in making decisions.
  • Expectations Mismatch: mismatch in expectations and experiences leaving the you unfulfilled.
  • Needle in Haystack: industries not geared to precisely connect demand and supply with users personal preference and needs.

How can we Face and Live with these Challenges?

Using AI we map out personality profiles and link it with likes, preferences & personas. Then we produce insights to guide & recommend that which you are likely to fall in love, and integrated this to day-to-day products and services.

Why are we Doing This?

All the major problems of this world are a result of miscommunication. Understanding each other is the way to move forward. Large companies like Netflix, Amazon and Google, to small aspiring ones like us, have a range of products and services of the future that wants to be smarter by understanding you.

What are People Saying?

Our demo has already caught people’s attention, from individuals to politicians to businesses. Some of the comments we have received from those who have tried our limited demo:
“I love it, this is cool!”, “I am surprised how accurate these are”, “This can be used everywhere”, are

Why We Do What We Do?

The reason why we wake up and get out of our bed everyday, is knowing that what we are doing is helping to shape a better world, a better you. We simply love helping you. The best sleep is when we have successfully helped you to sleep better.